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What do our beta testers say about the application?


IT Manager

This app was even better than I hoped (...). It has exercises made by experts for different levels. They give a full understanding of music theory. I found the lessons easy to follow and really useful. 


Kindergarten teacher

I use this music theory app to make lessons for the kids I teach, and it's really helpful (...). The app lets me change the material to fit each child's level, so learning is fun and works well. 



The  built-in Notes Reading mode is my favorite feature; it has significantly improved my ability to read music and has enhanced my overall musicality. Highly recommend it to any musician looking to expand their theoretical knowledge!



This app has made a big difference for me. It's easy to use and I like how it looks. The app has many different lessons, which is great because I can learn while I'm going home (...). It's a great way to get better at reading music when I'm not in school. 

Our comprehensive table of contents is your roadmap to mastering the fundamentals of music theory.

Get ready to explore chapters filled with engaging lessons and interactive exercises that will not only educate but also inspire your musical journey. Let's dive in and discover the beauty of music theory together!

1. Musical Notes

Naming notes
Writing sounds
Naming octaves

2. Rythm
Rythm values
Meter and bars

 3. Structures

Features of the sound

 4. Tonality


5. Marks

Other musical marks

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