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Unicorn Diary (Kotlin)

Diary for children. Allows to decorate the added notes freely.

Unicorn Diary is an application that is very popular (over 10 million downloads on Google Play). Users who create entries can add photos, recordings, stickers, drawings or set backgrounds to their notes. The application is also available in Google Play Pass.


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Dino the Beast (Unity)

A runner adventure game where you play the role of a dinosaur.

The Dino the Beast game has 5 stages. With the next stages the user gains skills and powers that will help him or her to win against the opponent. However, before this happens, he/she will have to overcome the dinosaurs that will stand in his/her way in VS mode and avoid numerous obstacles. In order to win, the user has to complete all levels, collect as much food as possible and develop the abilities of the dinosaur.


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Violin Tuner

Precise violin reed.

Violin Tuner is an application that allows for quick and accurate tuning of the violin. It works in two modes: reed and tuning fork. The application algorithm is designed to recognize the sounds of violin strings as effectively as possible. Violin Tuner was awarded by Tutorful as "Best Violin Resources".

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